Welcome to Madagascar

Dreaming of an escape to another world ?

Madagascar is an “off-the-beaten path” tourist destination nestled in the bosom of the Indian Ocean. Its remote locations - and changing political landscape - often keep the island nation off many travel lists, yet its incredible biodiversity, friendly people and gorgeous scenery make it one of the most unique places in the world.

Tour Guide Lovemada is here to help make your Madagascar travel dreams a reality. We can help plan the adventure, support you during the trip, or do it all: advise, drive and guide. Our company is comprised of true Malagasy locals, not some off-shore outsourcer looking to profit from the country. We’re passionate about responsible tourism and know every detail of the circuits on offer within the country.

Our professionalism, expertise and local’s knowledge is what sets us apart, so we promise you a deep, tailored experience. Whether traveling as an individual, a family or a group - and want landscapes, nature or cities - we’re here to help you find the many wonders of our island.

We’re excited to meet you.

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