Share their passions and loves for Madagascar, a rich country  in cultural diversity, fauna and flora biodiversity that constitute an exceptional heritage. To make known or to make discover this beauty of the Big Island to those who want to visit Madagascar, so that in their turn to fall in love of the country. These are the goals of the founders when we created Tour Guide Lovemada.

The teams acquired and perfected their experiences during the years of work within a local tour operator. They know the country very well with these many facets, be it in the north, the south, the east and especially the west of Madagascar.

Tour Guide Lovemada is a tour operator specializing in the design and organization of travel to Madagascar. We offer a variety of tours for all types of customers: passionate about adventure, hiking, nature discovery or cultural discovery, seaside tourism. We assist you in designing your trip according to your budget and the length of your stay.

At Lot L.E.108 Ambohitsoa – Ambanimaso I, 104 Ambatolampy Madagascar, one hour from the capital.