Please leave below your comments and impression about LOVEMADA Tour Travel services. And we wish to see you again to make another big adventure in Madagascar.

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  1. Definitely travel with this company to Madagascar! Amazing company, Fano helped us plan our trip listening to what we wanted out of our visit and creating the best itinerary to fit our wants, and Arsene was our tour guide/ driver, he knew each place inside out to the best guides for the national parks, the best restaurants to stop off at and the best places to stay for our budget. His knowledge of the animals/ wildlife in Madagascar is incredible, and he stayed with us every step of the way, helping us out when I was ill and stopping off during the drives to show us viewpoints and so I could take pictures. 10/10 company so trustworthy and I would recommend using this company to anyone! Simona DiGioia

  2. My husband and I used Tour Guide LoveMada on our honeymoon in Madagascar. We had a very last minute request for a driver/guide and we were connected to Fano and Mamy for our route 7 trip. I’d enthusiastically recommend reaching out to Tour Guide LoveMada if you want a reliable, excellent guide (like we found in both Fano and Mamy). Alex Kelly Berman

  3. This trip was unbelievable, not only our enthusiasm of visiting Madagascar contributed to this, but also Fano (our tour guide) made the experience real, intense and natural. I cannot express my gratitude to him because of how he took care of us, showed us every little marbelous place, every trick, every event on the way, and integrated us with his friends and family. We met lots of people, adults and kids, who told us about their lifes and culture and made us feel lots of emotions all together. The Adventure in Madagaskar was incredible, to big to be explained in a review. However, I invite everyone visiting Madagascar to join Fano and enjoy the trip with him. He is one of the best people I have ever met in every sense, he will not let you forget this trip. Nowadays we still keep in contact, as we joined a program to help kids to rejoin school and improve their future.If you are going to Madagascar do not hesitate and get in contact with Fano and enjoy the adventure ahead! Imanol Txatin

  4. Arsene è un ottimo driver, competente, preciso, affidabile.
    Lo dico dopo tanti anni di Madagascar, Arsen è proprio un ottimo compagno di viaggio.
    Ha una guida sicura, veloce, scaltra sia lungo la strada asfaltata che sulle piste di pietrisco e sabbia.
    Puntuale come un orologio svizzero aiuta a risolvere i piccoli inconvenienti di viaggio
    Grazie Arsene, ci vediamo al prossimo viaggio in Madagascar. Jacopo Merizzi

  5. I’ve being twice with Fano as a the driver/guide . Just a very nice person, very knowledgeable about culture, animals, must-see sites as well as good restaurants and hotels. All making the trip just fun, nice and zen.
    The last trip together was just amazing, Ask for the baobab tour, not just the well-known Alley near Morondava. You’ll enjoy. Thanks a lot Fano and keep on the good spirit !!!. I hope to be back and travel together again !!!. Take care Man ! Jj K. Julian

  6. With Fano I conducted four long trips (altogether more than 5 months) to Madagascar from 2012 to 2015. We undertook journeys to the furthest and little visited corners of the island – often on something what I am reluctant to call roads. 🙂 I have never seen such an experienced driver for whom no road is impassable (OK, almost no road). Moreover, Fano is an amazing companion who does his best to fulfill your needs and requirements. And I have admit that he really had hard work with me. 🙂
    To sum it up, a highly recommended guy for your independent trip to this exceptional island!
    If you have any questions, you can contact me via my e-mail

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