Fano and Arsene are a guiding team of two brothers with many years of collective experience taking visitors through their home of Madagascar. Raised just a few hours drive from the capital city of Antananarivo. Fano and Arsène are both accredited guides excited to take you south, north, east and west around their giant Island.

Some of Fano and Arsene’s favorite places to visit include the remote beach towns near Anakao, the famed “Avenue of the Baobabs” near Morondava, and all the way up to Nosy-be in the north.



« Malagasy experienced Guide for many years and able to provide you an impresive trip. Love sharing experiences with a sense of adventure. My passion is to make you Madagascar magical, unforgettable with its different specificities. We are pleased to fulfill your order and making you fall in love of Madagascar. »




“As a guide, I love taking new friends around my home. It’s my job to make sure you feel comfortable exploring our great country, so never hesitate to ask a question or make request. That’s why we’re here : To make sure you love Madagascar.”