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Are you going to Madagascar soon? Your transportation costs are certainly an important part of your holiday budget, however, with a little preparation and using some tips, it is possible to reduce your transport budget for your holidays. Discover in this article the advice of Parkivé , comparison and booking platform for car parks around airports to save on your travel budget to Madagascar .

Choose your dates carefully

It’s no secret, depending on the time of year, the cost of your plane ticket, but also your accommodation, is likely to vary greatly. Indeed, supply and demand significantly affect the price of your journeys.

In general, we consider that the high season in Madagascar is between the months of July and October. Also, if you want to achieve the maximum savings on the cost of your trip, it is best to avoid it.
The months of January to March however are the rainy season and it is not advisable to go to Madagascar at this time. While you can benefit from very competitive prices, the risk of a cyclone increases and the rains can be quite strong.

The best compromise for cheap travel to Madagscar is between the months of May and June, the beginning of the dry season when the climate is pleasant and the island still green, even in dry areas.

Note that if you want to go to a specific region of Madagascar, it may be worth going to another period, because the island is large and depending on the region and altitude, the climate can vary substantially. It’s up to you to learn about the climate and find a compromise between high and low season that satisfies you.

Compare different routes, schedules and companies

To find the best price, it is important to compare and compete. The three most important features are the departure airport, the flight schedules and the various airlines possible.

First of all, do not limit yourself to departures from the airport closest to you, as this strongly limits the airlines that you will be able to compare. It is sometimes much more interesting to leave from an airport a little further from where you will find a low-cost airline.

Compare different airlines and be careful to use an independent comparator. Some comparators offer you to compare only a selection of airlines and therefore give us an overview of your possibilities.

Finally, be flexible on the day and date of your departure and your return. Leaving on a Wednesday is always more interesting than starting on Friday for example. In the same way, certain schedules like early morning or late evening departures are less in demand and therefore less expensive. Many airline ticket comparators allow you to easily compare different days or times when you indicate that your dates are “flexible”.

Book your tickets in advance

In order to ensure you get the best price for your tickets (and your accommodation), it is absolutely crucial that you take your tickets in advance. This advice applies regardless of whether you choose to go to Madagascar during the high or low season, because the price of a plane ticket varies depending on demand. So, the later you go, the more you will pay dearly. A study conducted by CheapAir in particular showed that the best time to book your tickets is between 21 and 121 days before your departure.

Think about ancillary expenses and avoid the unexpected

Three-quarters of the French say they face unexpected events during their holidays, so it is important that you prepare yourself and that you take into account in your budget the “small” ancillary expenses that can quickly accumulate.

A good example of this type of forgotten traveler fees is the parking near airports . Parking your vehicle close to the terminals is not necessarily expensive if you go ahead, but prices rise very quickly with the increase in demand. At the most popular times, parking at the last minute can easily cost you the price of a low-cost airline ticket, especially if you have to opt for the official airport parking. To save on your parking at the airport, consider comparing the available parking through a comparator like Parkivé and make your reservation as soon as possible.

If you followed our advice, you are ready and we just have to wish you a good trip!

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