Education is a foundation for sustainable human development in Madagascar. It is fundamental for a pupil to develop all his intellectual faculties, improve the quality of his life, participate fully in development and fight against poverty. Indeed, an educated and informed population can act for the transformation of its life as well as that of its community. In Madagascar, the literacy rate is still very low only 64,7% (in 2015) in particular in the rural environment where the majority of students can not even complete the primary course. Several factors can explain this early abandonment of school, namely the ignorance of parents about the importance of sending their children to school and the disinterest of students who prevent them from finishing school. But the most common is the financial problem of parents who do not allow them to provide tuition and school supplies for their children.However, many students have great potentialities they can develop provided they pursue academic paths.

The aim of Tour Guide Lovemada is to support certain disadvantaged families in rural areas so that they can send at least one member of their family to school and encourage them to finish their schooling. With the education he or she has achieved, the chosen student can develop intellectually and reflect the importance of education within their community and encourage those around them. Give opportunities to disadvantaged students or disabilities who have disabilities. intellectual potentials likely to go very far in study so that they can chart a more assured future. To ensure the development of rural youth so that they develop the spirit of initiative and the spirit of risk. With the results obtained, to make understand parents and other children about the importance of education by taking as a reference the students we have chosen to supportImprégner the moral and ethical values, so that the students who have received the educations stand out from the other students on the plan behavioral. In addition, his students will have to be willing to help others in turn without waiting for rewards in return.Contribute to the integration of a maximum of educated and well-trained people to reduce poverty in the country.To reduce acts delinquency and insecurity by educating students.

  • Students whose parents do not have the financial opportunities to send their children to school, even though they have distinguished intellectual abilities and will to continue.

Since 2016, when we were still freelance guides, we were able to help a student to go to school. And from this year, have benefited the support of our former clients who sponsored four students. Since 2018, after the creation of tour operator Tour Guide Lovemada, there are 14 students sponsored by the company with the support of generous foreigners.