• Wildlife (Different species of Lemurs including the “Indri Indri”, birds, reptiles, genus of chameleons…)
  • Adventures, Discovery
  • National Parks (Andasibe Analamazaotra NP)
  • Reserves (Madagascar exotic park, Vakona)
  • Variation of landscape


Receive a tailored and hospitable welcome with personalized airport pick-up, setting the stage for a seamless transition to your destination, Andasibe, in a direct journey lasting approximately 4 hours. En route, a carefully planned lunch will be provided, complemented by intermittent breaks to capture and immortalize the awe-inspiring landscapes. Upon reaching your destination, partake in a swift check-in process before embarking on an engaging guided night walk. This nocturnal exploration offers the opportunity to observe and identify various species, including elusive nocturnal lemurs, reptiles, and chameleons. Guided by a knowledgeable local expert, this immersive experience guarantees an enriching exploration of the region’s biodiversity, ensuring a memorable and educational adventure for every discerning traveler.

Day 02 : ANDASIBE (Visit ANALAMAZAOTRA National Park and VAKONA reserve)

Embark on an enriching exploration of Analamazaotra National Park through a morning walk dedicated to discovering various species of diurnal lemurs. Anticipate the awe-inspiring encounter with the renowned “Indri Indri,” the world’s largest lemur species. Delve further into this immersive experience as you cross paths with other captivating species, such as the ‘Propithecus Diadema,’ commonly known as the ‘Diadem Sifaka,’ and the brown lemur Eulemur Fulvus Rufus. Following the tour, return to the hotel for a sumptuous lunch before venturing to Lemur Island and the crocodile farm at Vakona Private Reserve. This unique stage provides participants with a tactile experience, fostering a distinctive interaction with these iconic creatures, ensuring an unforgettable and educational component to your exploration of Madagascar’s rich biodiversity.


Commence your departure from the Andasibe region in the morning, heading towards the capital. A strategically planned stop along the way introduces you to the Peyrieras Reserve or the Parc Exotique de Madagascar—a distinctive farm on the island providing exclusive opportunities for observing a plethora of chameleons, alongside various species of reptiles and amphibians. A carefully arranged lunch will be hosted in proximity to Antananarivo. Upon arrival, indulge in the option to explore the craft market, allowing you to procure unique souvenirs. Conclude your journey with a seamless transition, either transferring to the airport for your international flight or settling into your hotel, concluding an expedition marked by unique encounters and cultural discoveries.