• Wildlife (reptiles, different species of lemurs, birds, genus of chameleons)
  • Adventures,
  • National Parks (Ranomafana, Isalo)
  • Reserves (Anjà, kirindy, baobab spinny forest)
  • Beach (Morondava, ifaty)
  • Variation of the landscape (Limestone, sandstones, hills, Rock Mountain)
  • Discovery


Upon your inaugural day in Madagascar, a dedicated chauffeur awaits your arrival at the airport, poised to extend a warm welcome and seamlessly usher you to your chosen accommodation. This bespoke transfer service ensures a smooth and efficient transition from the airport to the hotel, allowing you to commence your journey in comfort and style. Experience the convenience of personalized hospitality as you embark on your Madagascar adventure, where every detail is meticulously attended to, beginning with your arrival.


Embark on a morning excursion to Antsirabe, a four-hour journey from the capital. Traverse scenic landscapes featuring vibrant rice fields and unique mud residences. Pause in Andriambilany for cultural encounters and traditional performances. Enjoy lunch on-site and explore the village’s history near the railway bridge. Visit the Ambatolampy aluminum foundry en route, unveiling the manufacturing process. Upon reaching Antsirabe, discover craft shops showcasing miniature recycled creations and visit a zebu horn factory. Experience a day of diverse cultural exploration and enrichment.


Commence on a full-day expedition from the serene spa town to the enchanting West Coast of the island, punctuated by strategic stops to capture the breathtaking beauty of the surrounding landscapes. Traverse quaint villages, encountering skilled stonecutters, industrious gold miners, and experiencing the authentic way of life embraced by the Malagasy population. A carefully planned lunch break awaits you in the town of Miandrivazo.

Continue your journey, unveiling panoramas that unfold along vast rivers. Approaching Morondava, witness the emergence of majestic baobab trees, creating an iconic and picturesque scene perfect for capturing lasting memories through photography. Immerse yourself in a day of exploration, where every stop reveals the rich tapestry of Madagascar’s diverse and captivating terrain.


Start on a personnalized morning, savoring the freedom to set you own pace. Indulge in a town lunch before embarking on the enchanting journey to Kirindy. A momentary respite at the Allée des Baobabs beckons, providing an opportunity to capture captivating images of this iconic landscape. Continue your route to the designated destination, where a gracious welcome awaits you at the hotel upon arrival, setting the stage for an immersive enconter with nature. Following check-in, allow yourself to be guided on a night walk through the forest an exclusive experience offering a close-up observation of various species of nocturnal lemurs and even some reptiles.

Kirindy stands as the exclusive sanctuary where you can marvel at the « Fose », the largest wild predator, adding an extraordinary dimension to this unforgettable getaway. This meticulously curated experience ensures a seamless blend of exploration, hospitality, and the unique wonders of Madagascar’s natural habitat.


Initiate your day after a delightful breakfast with an immersive two-hour exploration into the heart of the Kirindy dry deciduous forest, guided by local expert. Be amazed by the discovery of two species of diurnal lemurs within this unique ecosystem. Following this enriching experience, commence the journey towards Bekopaka. A well-deserved lunch break awaits in the charming town of Belo sur Tsiribihina, facilitated by a scenic boat crossing over the Tsiribihina River. As the late afternoon unfolds, enjoy a seamless transfer directly to your hotel upon arrival, allowing for relaxation and preparation for the adventures that lie ahead.

Day 05 : BEKOPAKA (National Park Tsingy de Bemaraha)

Immerse yourself in the heart of discovery with a fascinating day in the Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park. Begin the day with a serene river trip by canoe through the Manambolo gorges, offering captivating views of caves adorned with stalactiles and ancient tombs of the Vazimba people. Following this, embark on a memorabke adventure towards the great Tsingy, located approximately an hour’s drive from the village. Accompanied by your local guide, marvel at the imposing rock formations, soaring to an impressive height of 30 to 50 meters. Wooden footbridges and suspension bridges, seamlesslu integrated into the landscapes, will facilitate your exploration of this unique site. A picturesque picnic lunch in the heart of the park will further enhance this excpetional experience. In the mid-afternoon, return to your hotel, enriched with memories of an extraordinary day.


Conclude your explaration of the Tsingy de Bemaraha region by traversing the RN8, bringing you  to the picturesque town of Morondava. Take a revitalizing break in Belo sur Tsiribihina for a welcome lunch, punctuating your journey with captivating stops, including the renowned Sacred Baobab and the romantic Lover’s Baobab. An indispensable pause at the Avenue des Baobabs provides an opportunity to witness a breathtaking sunset – an experience both inconic and memorable. Following this enchanting interslude, continue your itinerary toward your final destination, Morondava.


Indulge in a leisurely morning at your own pace. In the afternoon, immerse yourself in the local charm by visiting the bustling market and strolling through the surrounding town. An exceptional opportunity awaits on the Avenue, where the majestic Baobab unveils itself, beckoning you to a memorable photo session. Conclude this immersive experience with a return to the hotel, seamlessly blending the exploration of local life with captivating moments around the iconic baobab, adding a memorable finishing touch to your journey in Madagascar.

Day 08 : MORONDAVA – ANTANANARIVO (Local flight)

Initiate your return flight day to Antananarivo after breakfast. You will be transferred to Morondava Airport to reach the capital. Upon arrival, a car will be waiting for your transfer, providing the option to take you to the Palais de Reine for a panoramic view of the city before heading to the hotel. This throughtful conclusion ensures a seamless and memorable transition as you conclude your


Make the most of your final day in Madagascar with an enriching cultural experience. Following a delightful breakfast, embark on a drive to the Royal Palace of Ambohimanga, a UNESCO World Heritage Site situated on a royal hill. Acknowlodged as the most significant among the 12 hills surrounding Antananarivo, this historic site serves as the cradle of the Merina ethnic group and stands as a powerful symbol of national unification. Immerse yourself in the captivating history that has molded the country. Subsequently, enjoy a seamless transfer to the international airport for your departure flight or to the hotel. This concluding step underscores your memorable stay in Madagascar, seamlessly blending culture and heritage in a farewell emperor of wealth.