• Wildlife (different species of lemurs, birds, genus of chameleons, reptiles…)
  • Adventures, Variation of the landscape, sceneries, Baobabs (madagascariensis, suarezensis)
  • National Parks (Ankarafantsika, Ankarana and Amber Mountain)
  • Red Tsingy, Ankarana Tsingy, Montagne de Français
  • Beaches (Diego Suarez, Nosy be, Nosy Komba, Nosy Sakatia, Nosy Tanikely, Nosy Iranja)
  • Boat excursion and sea activities (diving, snorkeling, fishing)


Experience a personalized reception at the airport, followed by seamless and professional assistance, leading to a direct transfer to the reserved hotel establishment.


Embark on your day post-breakfast with a northwest journey towards Ankarafantsika National Park, traversing the RN4 for an approximate duration of 6 hours. Cross the expansive Tampoketsa Plateau and the renowned Betsiboka River, distinguished by its distinctive red hue due to significant laterite content. Delight in lunch along the way, with designated stops to capture the enchanting landscapes. Upon a late afternoon arrival, seamlessly check-in for a pleasant and comfortable installation.


Initiate your exploration of Ankarafantsika National Park, a vast dry forest spanning 130,000 hectares and harboring a diverse array of species, including Coquerel’s Sifaka, various birds, and other captivating wildlife. Your journey commences with a guided hike through the dry deciduous forest, followed by a visit to the Ankarokaroka Canyon to marvel at its unique natural beauty characterized by multicolored hues and impressive geological formations. After returning to the hotel for lunch, the afternoon unfolds with a boat trip on Lake Ravelobe and a visit to the Baobab Madagascariensis. Upon returning to the hotel, an evening walk is planned to observe nocturnal lemurs and various genera of chameleons.


In late morning, proceed onto the national road RN4 before transitioning to the RN6 towards Antsohihy, traversing Ambondromamy, Mampikony, and Port-Berger. While predominantly a road journey, remain attentive to witness the rapid and remarkable transformation of the landscape. Keep a keen eye to fully appreciate the unfolding beauty of the north as you journey forward.


Following breakfast, commence your journey on the RN6 from Antsohihy to Ankarana, with a scheduled stop in Ambanja to explore cocoa, spice, coffee, and vanilla plantations—iconic products of Madagascar. Along the route, take advantage of opportunities to make stops and appreciate diverse panoramas, observe traditional dwellings, and gain insights into the way of life of the local inhabitants.

Day 05 : ANKARANA (Visit ANKARANA National Park)

Start your day with breakfast, then set out on a journey along the RN6 from Antsohihy to Ankarana. Take a planned break in Ambanja to explore cocoa, spice, coffee, and vanilla plantations—emblematic products of Madagascar. Along the route, seize opportunities to make stops and admire diverse panoramas, observe traditional dwellings, and delve into the way of life of the local inhabitants.


Extend your adventure by navigating the road toward Diego Suarez through a rugged path. After a few hours, veer off the main road to reach the Tsingy Rouges hidden in the bush—a picturesque landscape sculpted by erosion, offering views of various canyons. Subsequently, resume your journey towards your destination after this point of interest. Delight in lunch en route and proceed to Ramena Beach for a well-deserved and relaxing break. On your way, traverse the Montagne des Français, exploring its diverse flora, including the Baobab Suarezensis—an endemic species to this region—while uncovering the history of a place that was once under French colonial rule.


Following breakfast, prepare your belongings before venturing out to explore the Three Bays. This picturesque locale is likely to offer ample opportunities to capture thousands of memorable photos. In the late afternoon, return to the town of Diego and check into the hotel for the evening.

Day 08 : DIEGO SUAREZ (Visit AMBER MOUNTAIN National Park)

Commence the day by departing from Diego Suarez after breakfast, traveling for about an hour to reach Joffre-ville. Upon arrival, check-in before heading to the park with a local guide to explore the Montagne d’Ambre National Park. This ecosystem hosts a diverse range of species, including lemurs, reptiles, and plants. Encounter crowned lemurs and other species while admiring the waterfalls. This park stands as the exclusive location to observe the smallest chameleons in the world. After the visit, return to the hotel, taking a well-deserved break.


After breakfast, proceed to Ankify, the departure point for the boat to Nosy Be. As the last boat is not an option, an overnight stay at the Ankify port is necessary. Expect almost a full day of driving with intermittent stops along the road to appreciate the scenery and stretch your legs. Lunch will be served en route. Upon reaching the destination in the late afternoon, check-in at the hotel.


Following breakfast, embark on a boat journey to Nosy Be and proceed to check-in at the hotel. Later, venture to Nosy Komba, affectionately nicknamed “the island of lemurs,” located approximately 30 minutes from the hotel. Explore the artisanal village of Nosy Komba along with its local market. Continue your visit to the park to observe the renowned lemurs known as “Macaco,” boa constrictor snakes, chameleons, and turtles. Subsequently, take the boat to Nosy Tanikely, just 15 minutes away. This marine reserve boasts a white sand beach fringed by crystal-clear waters and surrounded by a coral reef. It serves as an ideal spot for swimming, scuba diving, sunbathing, or simply relaxing on the beach. Conclude this day of exploration by returning to the hotel.


The adventure unfolds after breakfast at the hotel. Board the boat once again, heading towards Nosy Iranja. Nosy Be and Nosy Iranja are linked by a white sandbank that is submerged at high tide and revealed at low tide. Upon arrival, explore the village, then savor a leisurely afternoon engaging in water activities, take in panoramic views of the mountain from the top of the lighthouse, and admire the sea turtles. Return to the hotel after this day filled with discoveries.

Day 12 : NOSY BE – ANTANANARIVO (Local flight)

Indulge in a leisurely morning in Nosy Be, providing the opportunity for activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, and soaking up the sun. Enjoy lunch at the hotel and then prepare your luggage for the flight back to Antananarivo. An airport transfer will be arranged based on your flight time. Upon arrival at Antananarivo airport, a car will be waiting to transport you to the hotel.


Commence the day with a morning tour of the capital, beginning with an exploration of Antananarivo’s highest point, the “Queen’s Palace.” Delve into the history of the Imerina tribe and Madagascar while enjoying a panoramic view of the city. Subsequently, visit the unique craft market to acquire some souvenirs. The day will culminate with a transfer to the airport for the international flight or to your hotel, depending on your plans.