• Fauna (different species of lemurs, birds, reptiles)
  • National Park (Isalo, Ranomafana)
  • Reserves (thorn forest, Anja)
  • Variation of landscapes
  • Discovery, landscapes, culture and tradition
  • Adventures


Experience a tailored welcome and seamless airport pick-up, followed by a prompt and direct transfer to your designated hotel establishment.


Embark on your journey after breakfast, tracing the path of National Road number 7 heading south towards Antsirabe. Navigate the distinct features of the highlands along a winding road that unfolds diverse panoramas, framed by a mosaic of cultivated fields. Pause to explore the Ambatolampy foundry, celebrated for its aluminum production. Traverse a fertile region marked by colorful soils, where lush green rice fields intermingle with red houses constructed of bricks and mud. Press on towards the spa town of Antsirabe. Upon reaching your destination, seamlessly check-in at the hotel to settle in comfortably.


Initiate your transit day towards Ranomafana with lunch en route. Stops will be made to capture photos of the sublime rice terraces surrounded by traditional houses. A brief stopover is planned for a visit to admire and acquire the famous wood carvings, originally designed by the Zafimaniry people, as well as various other handicrafts. The route will then continue to the destination, where upon arrival, proceed to check-in before embarking on an evening stroll. This experience will allow you to observe nocturnal lemurs, frogs, as well as various types of chameleons.

Day 03 : RANOMAFANA (Visit RANOMAFANA National Park)

Commence your exploration of Ranomafana National Park by starting your day with a climb from the hotel to the park entrance. Upon arrival, meet a qualified local guide and begin a morning hike to explore the rich surrounding nature. The park is home to twelve species of lemurs, as well as a multitude of endemic birds, reptiles, and amphibians. The hike, lasting approximately 4 hours, will be followed by a return to the hotel for lunch. The afternoon is free, giving you the opportunity to drive down to the village and enjoy a moment of relaxation at the thermal pool.


Start your day by departing from Ranomafana after breakfast, setting out on a journey towards the village of Ranohira. En route, traverse the town of Fianarantsoa to absorb the ambiance of this capital of the Catholic religion. Make a stop at Ambalavao to explore the origins of Antemoro paper, a tradition introduced several centuries ago by Arab immigrants settling in southeastern Madagascar. Utilize this pause to acquire souvenirs. Following this, indulge in a brief visit to the Anjà reserve to encounter various groups of “Catta lemurs.” The concluding stretch of your journey will lead you across the expansive Ihorombe Plateau before reaching your final destination.

Day 05 : RANOHIRA (Visit ISALO National Park)

Embark on a full-day exploration of Isalo National Park by driving from your hotel to the village of Ranohira. Upon arrival, meet the local guide and commence the descent of the massif, initiating the excursion that leads to the natural swimming pool, followed by a continuation to the Namaza canyon to complete a large loop. Indulge in a packed lunch within the park, specifically at the Namazà campsite, a delightful refuge for lemurs, birds, and other wildlife. Following the tour, return to your hotel for the evening.


Depart from Ranohira heading towards Ifaty, passing through Ilakaka and other sapphire mining towns. Take a break for lunch along the way before proceeding with your journey to the final destination. Upon arrival, venture into the thorny forest to observe some species of baobabs and reptiles for about an hour, before returning to the hotel for the evening.

Day 07 : IFATY

Bask in a leisurely day dedicated to sea activities such as snorkeling and diving, unveiling the underwater reserves resembling vibrant living aquariums adorned with corals and multicolored fish. Seize this opportunity to explore the richness of marine life in these crystal-clear waters, providing an immersive experience at the heart of the exceptional underwater biodiversity of the region.


Commence your journey towards Tuléar after breakfast. Upon arrival in town, proceed directly to the airport to catch your flight to Antananarivo, depending on the flight schedule. Upon reaching Antananarivo airport, another driver will be awaiting you to transfer you seamlessly to your hotel.

Day 09 : ANTANANARIVO (Visit Ambohimanga)

Embark on a journey towards the royal palace of Ambohimanga, a regal hill designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site and the most prominent among the 12 hills encircling the capital, Antananarivo. This heritage site holds exceptional significance as the cradle of the Merina ethnic group and the focal point of the country’s unification process. Following the visit, explore the unique craft market to procure memorable souvenirs before making your way to the international airport for departure.