• Wildlife (Lemurs, reptiles, birds, genus of chameleons,…)
  • Adventures
  • National Parks (Andasibe Analamazaotra rain forests)
  • Reserves (Peyrieras and Palmarium)
  • Boat trip
  • Beach (Ste Marie) Snorkeling, whales watching, scuba diving …
  • Variation of landscapes
  • Discovery


Experience a bespoke reception and dedicated support upon your arrival at the airport, seamlessly followed by a direct transfer to your hotel. This ensures a tranquil interlude, allowing you to unwind and prepare for the commencement of your distinctive journey.


Following breakfast, indulge in a personalized pick-up service at your hotel, initiating your southern journey via National Road 2. Traverse the high plateaus over a roughly 4-hour expedition, immersing yourself in the heart of iconic landscapes. The winding road unfolds panoramic vistas of cultivated fields and picturesque rice terraces, creating a mosaic of captivating scenery. A carefully arranged lunch awaits along the route, accompanied by a brief interlude at the “Peyrieras Reserve,” an exotic farm where reptiles, amphibians, and mammals coexist, offering an enriching one-hour experience. Upon reaching the hotel, seamlessly proceed to the check-in process. Later in the day, a guided night excursion led by a local expert promises the observation of lemurs, reptiles, and nocturnal chameleons, culminating in a return to the hotel for a restful night’s stay.

Day 02 : ANDASIBE (Visit Analamazaotra National Park and VAKONA reserve)

Embark on a morning sojourn through the Perinet Reserve, immersing yourself in a splendid exploration of various diurnal lemur species. Anticipate an extraordinary encounter with the renowned “Indri Indri,” the largest lemur species globally, while engaging with an array of wildlife, including the “Propithecus Diadema” or “Diadem Sifaka,” the Eulemur Fulvus Fulvus, the brown lemur, the ring-tailed lemur, and more. Following this captivating walk, return to the hotel for a delightful lunch before venturing to Lemur Island and the crocodile farm at Vakona Private Reserve. This segment promises a distinctive interaction with lemurs, providing an unparalleled sensory experience for an exceptional and memorable journey.


Commence your day with a hearty breakfast before embarking on a roughly 5-hour journey towards Manambato, including an off-road segment off the RN2. This leg of the journey provides an opportunity to savor the diverse landscapes en route to the village of Manambato, where a boat awaits to transport you to Ankanin’ny Nofy. The scenic voyage across Lake Rasoabe and the Pangalane Channel, spanning approximately an hour, unfolds picturesque views until the enchanting shores of Lake Ampitabe reveal Ankanin’ny Nofy. Upon arrival, seamlessly settle into the hotel before engaging in a nocturnal exploration of the Palmarium Hotel’s private reserve. Here, a distinctive encounter awaits as you have the rare privilege of meeting Madagascar’s largest nocturnal lemurs, the “Aye Aye,” ensuring an extraordinary and memorable experience.


Indulge in a day of leisure at the Palmarium Reserve, providing the freedom to explore at your own pace the diverse array of lemurs, reptiles, birds, and other residents that inhabit the reserve. Take the opportunity to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the beach, experiencing a perfect symbiosis with the surrounding nature. This day is designed to allow you to fully engage with the biological diversity of the reserve, offering moments of both discovery and relaxation in the heart of this meticulously preserved sanctuary.


Commence your morning in accordance with the scheduled program and local time, embarking on a visit to the Palmarium Reserve. Here, an immersive experience awaits, providing the opportunity to observe an array of lemurs, reptiles, birds, and more. Following this enriching encounter, embark on a motorboat transfer lasting approximately 3 hours, bringing you to Tamatave, where a waiting car will be ready for your next journey. Traverse towards Mahambo, savoring lunch en route. Upon arrival in the late afternoon, seamlessly check in to the hotel, allowing for a well-deserved period of relaxation.

Day 06 : MAHAMBO – Sainte MARIE

Embark near the hotel for a direct transfer to Sainte Marie Island. Upon arrival, a waiting car will transport you to your designated hotel. After completing the check-in process, take a moment to unwind and revisit the highlights of the day, allowing for a well-deserved period of relaxation.

Day 07 and 08 : Sainte MARIE

Dive into several days of unrestricted exploration on Sainte Marie Island, where a wealth of captivating activities eagerly awaits your enjoyment. Immerse yourself in enriching excursions that span from whale watching to visiting the historic Belvec and Eiffel lighthouses, exploring pirate cemeteries, and delving into the endemic Ambodiforaha Park, showcasing the abundant biodiversity of the local fauna and flora. Uncover the natural treasures of the island during these ventures. Furthermore, marine activities beckon, with the pristine beaches of Sainte Marie providing an idyllic backdrop for diving. Explore the underwater reserves, resembling vibrant living aquariums adorned with corals and teeming with multicolored fish, offering an unforgettable aquatic experience.

Day 09 : Sainte MARIE – ANTANANARIVO (local flight)

After your breakfast, embark on a morning transfer to the airport to catch your local flight to the capital. Upon arrival, your driver will be awaiting you, and you will then proceed to the centrally located hotel in the heart of the city. Seize the opportunity to explore Antananarivo, including a visit to the local market, to uncover more of the city’s captivating charms.

Day 10 : ANTANANARIVO (City tour)

Dedicate the morning to exploring the capital, commencing with a visit to the “Palais de la Reine” de Manjakamiadana, delving into the original history of the Imerina tribe and Madagascar. Accompanied by a local guide, take a leisurely stroll and immerse yourself in the authenticity of the local market. Following lunch in the city, explore a special artisan market to acquire a few mementos. Subsequently, proceed with the transfer to the airport for your international flight or to your hotel, thereby concluding this enriching experience in Antananarivo.