Tsinjoarivo, located 47 km east of Ambatolampy, harmoniously combines a natural site of exceptional beauty (I) with a historic place dating from the 19th century (II). Firstly (I), perched at an altitude of 1675 meters on a peak, the site offers an impressive panoramic view of the vast eastern forest, extending over 100 km to the sea. on one side it overlooks the bubbling falls of the Onive River, creating a din of water, and on the other side it is enveloped in an atmosphere of fog illuminated by rainbows.

Concerning the historical aspect (II), in 1834, Queen RANAVALONA I (1828-1861) made the decision to build a rova on the peak. This rova, a royal enclosure, was intended to serve as a country residence and vacation spot. Subsequently, the resort court of the Kingdom of Madagascar stayed there on several occasions, with notable visits from RANAVALONA I in 1840, 1842 and 1856, RANAVALONA II in 1880 and 1882, and RANAVALONA III in 1890.

Built on a terrace five meters high, the Rova measures 50 m by 30 m and houses five rustic constructions in wood and clay. These structures include the pavilion of the Prime Minister, who always accompanied the Queen on her travels, the residence of the aides-de-camp, the pavilion of the Queen and her bridesmaids, the house housing the dining room and that of the officers of the courtyard. These buildings have been preserved with their period furniture and objects, today forming an integral part of a museum under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture.


For lovers of history, village life and agriculture, our tour offers an exceptional opportunity to deepen your knowledge in these fascinating areas. You will be captivated by the view of picturesque rice fields, majestic waterfalls, a mysterious sorcerer’s tomb and the first historic village of Andriambilany. Ideally located about 1 hour south of Antananarivo and 2 hours and 15 minutes from Antsirabe, the village is easily accessible in just 10 minutes from the RN7.

Our accommodation package includes one night, full board for two people, as well as guided activities. Andriambilany occupies a significant place in Malagasy history as a crossing point on the circuit of the Queen and the sovereigns in the 19th century. You will discover a thriving craft and livestock community, offering an authentic immersion into Malagasy life. Be warmly welcomed in a quiet and attractive place, just 10 minutes’ drive from the town’s capital.