Admire the sunrise and sunset on the Baobab Alley, visit the Baobab in love and the sacred Baobab, cross the Tsiribihina River on a …, see the dense and dry forest of Kirindy, hiking and visit the Tsingy in the Bemaraha National Park are the fame of this western part of the country and putting it among the best tourist destination of Madagascar.

Crossing the representative landscapes of the Central Highlands along the RN7 with rice terraces and traditional houses specific to Antsirabe where we take the RN34 and the RN35 to join Morondava. After a day’s drive on a savannah landscape itinerary, a moment of relaxation is required before starting a fascinating discovery in this region rich in cultural diversity and natural environments.

Spend a unique and unforgettable moment during the passage to the Alley of Baobabs whether for a sunrise or a sunset. Also known for its mythical stories with Baobab lovers and sacred Baobab, 3 of the 7 existing Baobab species in the world are present in the Menabe region.

Discover the dense dry forest of Kirindy with its various endemic plants among which are medicinal plants, the two diurnal species of lemurs and its 4 nocturnal species. Do not miss the opportunity to see the Fosa, the largest carnivorous animal endemic to Madagascar.

Classified as a World Natural Heritage by UNESCO and also as a National Cultural Heritage, the Tsingy de Bemaraha offers many surprises with its caves, canyons, labyrinths that can understand the formation of this massive limestone. Apart from the breathtaking views it offers, the Tsingy also include hundreds of species of birds, reptiles, lemurs and plants.

Discover the wilderness of the region in another way by crossing the Tsiribihina River. To arrive at the same destination, that of Tsingy de Bemaraha then Morondava, embark on the barge for a trip of 3 days and 2 nights with a pirogue for 2 days and 2 nights. This descent is an opportunity to discover the way of life of the Sakalava, to designate the inhabitants of the region, along the river: agricultural activities, habitat construction styles, and the use of the river.

When Tsiribihina flows into the gorge of the Bemaraha massif, primary forests appear with waterfalls that feed many natural pools. They also house bats, lemurs and some bird species. At the end of the descent, the route continues on a track to reach the Tsingy de Bemaraha.

♣ Proposal of hotels for stays in cities for the circuit of the West.

Antananarivo: Jacaranda, The 3 Metis
Antsirabe: Royal Palace, Traveler Rooms, Hasina, Green Park, Antsirabe Hotel, Plumeria, Color Cafe, Flower Palace, Guest Room, Soa Guest House, …
Miandrivazo: Princess, The Pirogue Hotel
Morondava: Rosewood, Kimony, Chez maggie, Baobab Cafe, Renala Sand, Trecicogne, Boungainvillee
Kirindy: Relay kirindy, Gite kirindy, Camp Lovers
Bekopaka: Tsingy Sun, Bemaraha Olympus, Grand Hotel, Bemaraha Orchid, Tsingy Lodge, Tanankoay
Belo sur Mer: Between sea, Dauphin Vezo, Ecolodge
Manja: Kanto hotel
Morombe: Baobab, At katia, The Golden Pirogue